How Not To Fall Into Depression After A Breakup

Nobody ever dreams of a breakup, but sometimes it might be your only way out of that unhealthy relationship. Depression after a breakup is a real condition that can be devastating, especially when it finds you as a shock. Besides, heartbreak always hurts even if the end of the relationship is based on a mutual agreement.

A breakup subjects you to a feeling of loneliness and sadness, an experience that might be difficult to overcome. The emotional turmoil causes a mood disorder, making it hard for you to go through each day normally. Therefore, if the situation is prolonged or becomes unmanageable, it’s then evident that you are slipping into clinical depression.

It might be hard for you to move on and care for yourself after the end of romantic love. Here are some ways to help you deal with the situation and avoid getting into actual depression.

5 Ways To Avoid Depression After A Breakup 

Tips to Avoid Depression After A Breakup

1. Engage in New Activities 

When fighting depression after a breakup, it is normal to be no longer interested in activities you previously enjoyed. You might associate your favorite hobbies with your ex, which may have a toll on your emotions. Therefore, it is vital that you discover new positive ways to boost your mood deliberately. 

Taking on a new hobby or exploring new areas immediately after a breakup could be critical in stabilizing your mind. In addition, that new physical activity at an advanced stage will clear the breakup blues, which when undealt with graduate to depression. Research has shown that physical exercise deals with depression symptoms in most people.

2. Get Back To Family and Friends

Your social aspect is one of the immediate things that is altered after a heartbreak. Interacting with people or going outside becomes a heavy burden for you to bear. In fact, this is a straightforward way of allowing depression to take on you. That is why you are encouraged to come out and share your feelings with a family member or friend.

Sharing your breakup experience with people who know and understand you lessen the weight and improves your mood. Furthermore, you could blame yourself for the breakup, but when you connect with loved ones, they can help you appreciate yourself. Therefore, reach out, speak out and confide in a close friend or family. Reaching out ensures that help will be near when you desperately need it.

3. Remain True to the Reasons Your Relationship Ended

When you stay committed to the real issues leading to the breakup, you will be strong to take on the right trajectory and avoid falling into breakup depression. This is because every time your ex pops into your head, you will have control over the following mental conversation.

If you have control of your mental state through the thoughts you entertain, you have won the war of depression after a breakup. Therefore, embracing the breakup is the right decision. This will keep you away from the longing and missing thoughts that trap you in a state of sadness, thinking that you lost. Moreover, understand that it is normal to still have feelings for someone who was not meant or right for you. However, this doesn’t mean that you go back. Focus on the latter and remain true to yourself.

4. Talk to a Therapist 

The emotions you need to unpack after a breakup could overwhelm you. For this reason, you can decide to reach out to a professional. A therapist will help you process those feelings and guide you on how to dispense them. This is significant, especially when you are hard on yourself, thinking about what you could have done better to save the situation.

Post-breakup blues can kick off a series of negative thoughts about yourself, leading to depression. That is why you might need someone to walk you through it. Helping you appreciate your role or what you could have done differently in order to start the healing process. A therapist will play a requisite role in helping examine yourself and realize areas to improve in a future relationship.

5. Disconnect from your Ex

Avoiding your ex, especially on social media platforms, will save you from emotional torture, which causes depression after a breakup. Indeed, disconnecting completely might not always be possible, especially where the children are involved. However, you must try to limit contact more so right after the breakup.  For example, you can limit your ex from tagging or mentioning you in their Facebook posts

 When you remain connected in the digital life after the physical separation, you keep the temptation of checking them alive. These reminders might subject you to bad feelings and emotions that might hinder your recovery journey. Following your ex on social media equates to investing in them and keeps reminding you of their presence. Although it might serve as a momentum relief, it deepens your dependence on them. 

How Do You Know You Are Suffering from Breakup Depression?

After the breakup, you need to understand the process to determine your phase. Sometimes people confuse sadness with depression and vice versa. It might be okay for a while for you to cry out, be angry, lose sleep, or lack interest in some regular activities. However, check out if you are experiencing these symptoms of depression after a breakup.

  • Feeling of worthlessness and being hopeless
  • Serious changes in eating and sleeping pattern
  • Constant suicidal thoughts  
  • Having difficulty making decisions 
  • Irritability 
  • Neglecting your physical and personal hygiene
  • Fatigue or loss of energy
  • Unbearable emotional pain

Final Thought

Whereas depression after a breakup is an absolute monster, it is worth noting that it is not permanent. When you understand its temporary nature, you know you can avoid or come out of it. If you embrace the discussed tips, you can escape from breakup depression. 

After the breakup, ensure that you have friends or family to fall back to. You could also seek to engage in new activities, detach entirely from your ex, and in a severe state, you can talk to a therapist. Treat yourself with respect and care, and go through the healing process a day at a time.

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