How Not To Procrastinate

Is the pressure and stress of leaving things undone until the last minute a familiar feeling? As a result, you could be wondering how not to procrastinate and get your work done before it is too late.

When you are looped in this cycle of shifting attention from the main tasks, chances of achieving more excellent results are limited. Furthermore, when you ignore those more challenging assignments, there is always a reminder in your mind of what you need to do; thus, you can’t be fully relaxed. 

Therefore, mastering the strategies of how not to procrastinate is vital for everyone who desires to make positive progress in life.

While procrastination can make you a loser and damage your esteem, here are some proven ways to avoid postponing. 

7 Ways on How Not to Procrastinate 

Tips to Avoid Procrastination

1. Be Organized

If you are in the category of people asking how do I stop procrastination? Then this is the first step while going through that journey. You are more likely to enjoy some miscellaneous activities if you have no idea or plan on how to complete your work.

Keeping track of all the tasks you are required to handle and their due dates are critical. This is because you have to be orderly to determine where to shift your focus at any given time. Besides, marking the boundaries and your working framework positions you to get started on the required assignment.

2. Break Down the Work into Small Chunks

It is effortless to procrastinate when you find the work to be overwhelming. When you think about finishing a more extensive assignment or going through a task for several days, it becomes an obstacle even to get started. Therefore, instead of focusing on the whole thing, break it into little parts and then pay attention to each at a time.

For example, if you are writing a book, it will be easy to break it down into phases such as research, writing topics, and chapters, among others. Soon, the task will be simple and manageable as you focus on the immediate part without thinking about the next.

3. Eliminate Distractions

Limiting distractions is another tip on how to stop procrastination. Things around you could make it easy for you to be distracted, thus shifting from the main agenda. The first thing is for you to identify those procrastination pit stops and then make a strategy on how to deal with each one.

You don’t have to be extreme by taking drastic measures such as deleting your Facebook account for you to focus. Being conscious of your actions is what is needed for you to deal with distractions and not necessarily those self-binding methods. Sometimes it only requires changing your working area or the environment.

4. Have Your Deadlines Set

How do you stop procrastinating if you have no specific dates or times set for your projects? The phrase “I will do it tomorrow” has led many to be stuck in the procrastination cycle. This is because the truth is the day eventually never comes, and when it dawns, you are always too late or full of regrets.

Therefore, having achievable deadlines is not just one of the ways to stop procrastination but also saves you from last-minute pain or regrets. It is wise to have a projection of when you expect to complete your task or assignment. Always aim to have your work completed before the actual deadline. This will help you get started as soon as possible to beat your deadline and also get you covered in an emergency.

5. Be Accountable to Yourself

Holding yourself accountable for actualizing your tasks is requisite for avoiding procrastination. Besides, it also plays a significant role in your life because it is a survival skill. Having self-discipline is the efficient answer to how not to procrastinate.

There are always reasons why you have not embarked on that task, assignment, or project. Furthermore, the excuses are easy to find on why you should start later. Taking responsibility for the completion of your work will help you overcome procrastination. Besides, remember you are always accountable for the things you accomplish and those you do not complete.

6. Consider Having a Break

Remember, you don’t have to be hard on yourself, especially when trying to avoid procrastination. In fact, giving yourself a break will boost your productivity when tired or with low motivation. A break of 10 minutes or so may be the best alternative to avoid the postponement route.  

Listen to that favorite music, take a walk, or engage in something that takes your mind off the work, allowing you to relax. You could even use the break to give yourself a pep talk for motivation to keep you calm and focused. However, remember to time yourself, so you don’t completely tune out of work. 

7. Reward Yourself

Rewarding yourself is another great tool that could help avoid procrastination. It creates an incentive that drives you to complete that task as you look forward to the reward. This could be as simple as watching an episode of your favorite show or preparing a special recipe.

Therefore, the reward doesn’t have to be over the moon, just something you love. Make sure that you celebrate when the work is done. The anticipation of enjoying when the task is over will surely push you even through the pain.

Final Thoughts 

With different causes of procrastination present in life, equipping yourself with tips on how not to procrastinate is indispensable. The techniques of eliminating distractions, getting organized, setting a deadline, and having self-discipline are fundamental when dealing with procrastination.

You cannot procrastinate yourself to success; therefore, you need to get a grip on yourself to get the work done. Have a better understanding of the source of your procrastination so that you can effectively utilize the many provided strategies to deal with it.

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